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“Young in Soul” in Tbilisi

For two years now, the Youth Club of the Jewish Cultural and Educational Foundation in Tbilisi has been implementing the “Young in Soul” project, which has been supported by the EAJC since its launch.

The program is highly relevant and helpful since it pursues a noble goal by ensuring a full life for people who, due to life circumstances, are forced to exist at the margins of society.

At the same time, which is no less important for the development of the Jewish community of Tbilisi, the project engages young volunteers and fosters a sense of responsibility and respect towards the older generation. The project involves 68 members of the Hesed program as well as volunteers from the Youth Club.

Twice a month, program participants gather to visit theaters, art exhibitions, museums, arts and crafts workshops and master-classes, etc. The participants play intellectual games, get in touch with Jewish tradition in the Beit Midrash cafe, listen to a lecture or presentation, and even participate in a debate in the Jewish library of the Jewish Cultural and Educational Foundation of Tbilisi.

In a qigong studio, the participants can attend physical therapy. They can develop their computer literacy with the help of young volunteers, or even appear on stage in performances and sketches.

The project “Young in Soul” organizes joint meetings of Shabbat and celebration of the Jewish holidays, musical workshops with the Shir vocal studio of the Jewish Cultural and Educational Foundation, and other fascinating events, helping to fill the lives of all project participants with joy and purpose.