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An exhibition of biblical illustrations opened in Tel Aviv University

An exhibition of biblical illustrations, created by Israeli artists Ella Byshevskaya and Mikhail Yakhilevich for the unique Torah edition, opened at the Center for Jewish Traditions at Tel Aviv University, with the support of the EAJC.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, EAJC Director-General Dr. Haim Ben Yaakov said: “This important exhibition serves the noble purpose of bringing Israel and the diaspora closer together, as well as providing a better understanding of the eternal text by students and the younger generation in general. It is said that the Torah has 70 faces, and modern illustrations by Yakhilevich and Byshevskaya demonstrate the richness and relevance of the meanings and ideas presented in the Book of Books.”

Illustrations based on the unique experience of understanding the eternal text also appeal to rabbinical literature. This was discussed at the opening by art critics and biblical scholars.

The existing illustrations for the Torah were mostly created in Galut and are largely based on the artistic imagination. Unlike their predecessors, Yakhilevich and Byshevskaya live in Israel, literally on the site of biblical events. Therefore, their illustrations are distinguished by a deep understanding of the spirit and beauty of the Promised Land.

Ella Byshevskaya was born and studied in Dushanbe, Mikhail Yakhilevich – in Moscow. In Israel, artists have lived for almost 30 years.

The illustrations presented at the exhibition are included in the unique edition of the Torah, released by the Moscow synagogue at Chistye Prudy. A series of illustrations by Mikhail Yakhilevich and Ella Byshevskaya was presented and warmly received in Moscow and Riga.