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Congratulations to EAJC President Dr. Michael Mirilashvili on his anniversary

The leaders, communities, and organizations of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress as well as state leaders of Israel and other countries, WWII veterans, international Jewish leaders congratulate the EAJC President Dr. Mikhail Mirilashvili on his 60th birthday and wish him success in his noble endeavors for the prosperity of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

Michael Mirilashvili is a prominent philanthropist and visionary Jewish leader. Thanks to his genuine commitment and willingness to lend a helping hand in difficult times, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress has become one of the largest international Jewish organizations, promoting the continuity of Jewish tradition and communal life in the Euro-Asian region.

Year after year, extending the international activity of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, Dr. Michael Mirilashvili meets with government leaders in multiple Euro-Asian countries, drawing their attention to the pressing issues currently on the agenda of local Jewish communities, Israel, and the entire Jewish world.

His continued commitment to Jewish spiritual values ​​- freedom, love, mutual responsibility – evokes deep respect and serves as an example of selfless service to the Jewish people.

Till 120! Mazal tov, dear Michael!