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EAJC congratulates Israeli ministers on the formation of the 37th government

Photo: Avi Ohayon (GPO)

The leaders of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress congratulate the ministers of the 37th government of Israel on their inauguration. In a greeting letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, EAJC President Dr. Michael Mirilashvili pointed out the many difficult challenges facing the new government:

“On behalf of the leaders of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress and my behalf, I congratulate you on the formation of the 37th Government of the State of Israel. We wish you stable and productive work for the benefit of Israeli society and the entire Jewish World. I am convinced that your extensive experience as Prime Minister will help our State to achieve its goals.

Today, as Israel becomes more and more powerful, the worldwide Jewish community sees Israel as a great source of inspiration and pride. An old dream of a Jewish state as the center of the Jewish world, the light for the Jewish diaspora and nations of the world – is no longer just a dream. We have all the means to realize it. And we should always be aware – the Jewish world watches us with great expectations. Therefore, a responsible and balanced policy of the government concerning the diaspora is extremely important.

The EAJC, as one of the leading organizations of the Jewish world, and other Jewish leaders in the diaspora place great hopes on the new Minister for Diaspora Affairs and Minister of Aliyah and Integration. Their fresh approach to the work of their departments can give a new impetus to the implementation of one of the most vital missions of Israel as a national home for the Jewish people. At times of global humanitarian crisis, this mission becomes even more essential.

On our part, we will continue our work on securing and developing Jewish life in the Euro-Asian region and strengthening ties between the Jewish communities and the State of Israel. To be a part of this process is a great honor for us.

We hope that the 37th Israeli government will promote values of peace, plurality, Jewish unity, social justice, national identity, and Zionism, bearing in mind the bigger picture, taking into consideration our relations with the global Jewish world and playing an active part in the life of the Diaspora.

May the Almighty give us the strength to work together for the good of Israel and build a just and better future.”