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EAJC Leaders met with the Prime Minister of Albania in Jerusalem

Photo: Yossi Rosenboim

On October 25, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem hosted a reception on the occasion of the Albanian Prime Minister’s Edi Ram visit to Israel. The event was organized by the Honorary President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC) Alexander Mashkevich. As part of a special ceremony, Alexander Mashkevich, together with EAJC President Michael Mirilashvili, presented the head of the Albanian government with an award for special merits in maintaining Israeli-Albanian relations and supporting the local Jewish community.

At the ceremony, the close historical ties between the Albanian and Jewish peoples were especially noted: during the 2nd World War, many Albanias were saving Jews, often risking their own lives. In this regard, the Jewish people and the State of Israel express their gratitude to the people of Albania.

In addition, an important episode in the partnership between the Albanian authorities and the EAJC was the joint evacuation of refugees from Afghanistan to Albania and then to Canada. Emergency assistance was provided to 40 men and women by several organizations and individuals, including EAJС Honorary President  Alexander Mashkevich and EAJC Chairman of the Board Aharon G. Frenkel.