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Pesach Kasher veSameach from EAJC!

Dear friends!

Pesach is coming. A holiday that celebrates the events which shaped us as a people and started the process of returning to our land. A holiday that taught us what real freedom is.

In prayer we say “the time of our freedom.” When we think about it, out of context, it is obvious to us that freedom is better than slavery. But in reality distinguishing one from the other is not always easy. Three millennia ago, it seemed to many in our enslaved people that the stability of Egyptian slavery was better than the uncertainty of the Exodus. And only a firm belief in the Almighty encouraged us, in spite of everything, to strive for freedom and independence, to take risks and rely on our faith.

We have carried traditions through the millennia. Today we celebrate the same holiday that our ancient ancestors celebrated. We carried through the centuries an invincible desire for freedom as well. We know many ‘Exoduses’ in Jewish history. One of them led us in the last century to another return to our land and the foundation of a modern Jewish state that opened its gates to all Jews scattered around the world. Since then, every Jew, regardless of place of living, has regained their eternal home.

The Jewish people celebrated Pesach even in the most difficult historic times. This year, many Jews in our region will celebrate the holiday away from home. It is a difficult time, but today we celebrate the holiday of unity, holiday of faith in the future and firm confidence in the imminent freedom.

This Pesach, I want to wish every Jew to find their freedom. Kosher and Happy Holidays to you. Pesach Kasher veSameach!

Dr. Michael Mirilashvili, EAJC President