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Support of educational project “Limmud”

Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Israel

Limmud is the first and only Jewish educational, cultural and entertainment event designed for everyone and providing an opportunity for active, intense and incredibly exciting learning. The Limmud conferences are built on a unique model and consist of seminars, lectures, master classes and discussions covering the most diverse topics: from the history of the Jewish communities of the world to issues of Israeli politics, from religious discussions to rock concerts and performances, from questions of Jewish spirituality and philosophy to Jewish cuisine. Moreover, in Limmud do not forget about science, art, technology and many other relevant and exciting topics.

In 2017, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress supported the Limmud conferences in three countries. The conferences were held in Odessa, St. Petersburg and Eilat. In 2018, the EAJC also announced its support for the project.

Aaron Frenkel, Chairman of the EAJC Board andthe President of Limmud FSU, said: “Limmud’s beautiful concept attracts many Jews. The inherent spirit of learning and innovation unites Jews around the world. “

EAJC President Mikhail Mirilashvili said: “Limmud is a great project in which various people share their unique experience, their unique knowledge, introduce others to their worldview. For ten years, the Russian-speaking Limmud FSU is rightfully one of the most successful projects in the Jewish world “.

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