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“Yad Sara Frenkel” Center for Emergency Medical Care won the annual ‘Leading Health Initiative’

‘Yad Sarah Frenkel’ Emergency Medicine Center won the annual ‘Leading Health Initiative’, hosted by Yediot Aharonot (ידיעות אחרונות), Ynet and Reboot Forum, for Leading Nonprofit Initiative and Public Health Contribution in Israel.

The ‘Yad Sara Frenkel’ Medical Center was established in Israel in 2017 with the support of businessman and philanthropist Aaron G. Frenkel, Chairman of the board of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. The center serves as an additional point of emergency medical care and helps to offload the emergency rooms of hospitals, providing similar care to a number of patients.

“There was no doubt about the crucial importance of well-coordinated medicine in any country before, but we all became especially convinced of this over the past two years, when the world was overtaken by a terrible health crisis. In such difficult moments public initiatives should come to the aid of the state system and we are responsible for the common cause of preserving life and health in the State of Israel. I am glad that our successfully operating center is fulfilling its mission and I am grateful to the organizers of the competition for their acclaim,” said Aaron G. Frenkel.

Last year EAJC Chairman of the Board Aaron G. Frenkel played an important role in overcoming Israel’s pandemic crisis by providing five cargo planes filled with medical equipment, as well as donating 14 million shekels to fight COVID-19.