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Memorial Candle Monument

The monument will be erected in Jerusalem in memory of the participants in World War II and the siege of Leningrad. The project was initiated by the Committee for External Relations of the Government of St. Petersburg in cooperation with the Coordinating Council of Organizations of Russian-speaking Compatriots of Israel and its members, the Union of World War II Veterans and the Union of Leningrad Siegebreakers in Israel. The monument is created with the funding and support of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

The site of the monument was chosen: promenade in the area of ​​Armon HaNaziv, from where it opens a unique panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem, one of the most beautiful observation sites in Jerusalem, south of the Old City. Numerous tourists from all over the world who want to touch the unique atmosphere of the city come here. In the translation from Hebrew Armon HaNatsiv means “the palace of the governor”. In the 30s of the last century, the English, who ruled then in Israel, built here a central residence for the British governor. Today (after 1948), the headquarters of UN observers is located here.

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