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Supporting organizations of Former Prisoners of Fascism

The project is aimed at assisting Jews to former underage prisoners of the ghetto and Nazi concentration camps, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova.

The main goals and objectives of the project are:

– Socio-psychological and medical rehabilitation of members of the organization – former prisoners of the ghetto and concentration camps through, medical and medicinal assistance, rehabilitation.

– Conducting publishing and educational activities. Preservation of the memory and memories of former prisoners of the past concentration camps and ghettos about the real scale of the tragedy-the genocide of Jewry.

– Joint holding of Jewish holidays, events, designed to solve problems of communication, spiritual improvement and increase of knowledge in the field of world and Jewish civilization.

Legal assistance is also provided to the members of the organization, to resolve problems related to the confirmation of the status of prisoners, victims of fascism

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Association of Jews – former prisoners of ghetto and Nazi concentration camps

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